INDG & AltSpace’s VR experience in the press

It was a busy summer for INDG with the launch of a new immersive VR experience for Delft Hyperloop, created in partnership with AltSpace. This latest VR experience allows users to walk through a Hyperloop station, board pods and be among the first people to travel on Elon Musk’s high-speed transportation concept. 

VR experience in the media

Following the unveiling of TU Delft team’s Atlas 02 pod on 3rd June, we worked with AltSpace on a showcase video for the team to present at the SpaceX competition a month later in July. The video illustrates what the VR experience looks and feels like, allowing for the public for the first time a chance to see the future of high-speed transport for themselves.

Going viral

The video of our VR experience got picked up by over 200 media platforms and was featured by the likes of the Mail Online, CNBC, Engadget, Fast Company, Mashable UK, GQ and many more. By the end of the month, our original uploaded video received nearly 50,000 unique views.

SpaceX and beyond

We are really proud of how far and wide our work was shared this summer. TU Delft’s hard work got them to the SpaceX finals and, while they didn’t receive first place, they made some big steps forward for the future of Hyperloop and high-speed transportation. 

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