Experience the Hyperloop in Virtual Reality

Exciting times here at INDG today as the ‘Hyperloop VR’ app we created for the Delft Hyperloop team is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store.


Download the app here: https://indg.com/hyperloop-vr-app/

The app allows you for the very first time to truly experience travelling by Hyperloop. With the app and a mobile VR headset or Google Cardboard, you can take a ride in the Hyperloop capsule and marvel at the technological wonders of the future of high-speed land travel.

If you hadn’t yet heard of the Hyperloop, it is a futuristic transportation system conceived by Elon Musk and SpaceX to lower energy usage and reduce travel times over large distances.

Built in collaboration with the Delft Hyperloop team for the reveal ceremony of their half-size test pod to visualise the technology behind their concept, the Hyperloop VR app represents what it may feel like to travel through the Hyperloop at the speed of sound.

Delft Hyperloop is a multidisciplinary team of more than thirty enthusiastic students from the Delft University of Technology with different engineering specializations. They compete in Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Pod Competition and have set themselves the goal to design, build and test a half-scale prototype of a Hyperloop capsule within one year.

“We are dedicated to the vision of what the Hyperloop pod will be,” said Tim Houter, Team Leader at Delft Hyperloop. “To experience this vision in virtual reality, to show in detail our engineering of the Hyperloop, takes us and everyone else a step closer to making this revolutionary transportation system a reality.”

You can also explore the technology by triggering the pod to open up, revealing an exploded view of the mechanical components. This is a journey floating through space navigating between different sections and details of the pod’s engineering, stopping to dive into the mechanisms that enable the pod to work and viewing a comparison of common intercity travel methods to show the time and energy savings that can be made with the Hyperloop on a journey between Amsterdam and Paris.

Our own CEO, Frans, has personally led the project within INDG. “We wanted to create a completely immersive experience for the Delft Team.” The goal to support a passionate young enterprise like the Delft Hyperloop team is rewarding in itself, but like the team, INDG is keeping an eye firmly on the future. “We know that VR on mobile devices has relatively limited graphical capabilities right now, so our challenge was to make the most out of the devices people have in their pockets today. If you see this, it is impossible not to be curious about what can be done when the next wave of consumer VR devices hit the market.”

The technological exploration section is guided by a narrator, and Amp.Amsterdam created ambient and interactive sound to enhance the complete experience. To enjoy the best experience of the VR app, Google Cardboard or an alternative mobile VR viewer is required and we recommend using headphones.

Did you like the Hyperloop VR app, or do you have an opinion on the future of VR or the Hyperloop? Get in touch, we would love to hear you thoughts. https://indg.com/contact/