3D real-time bike configurator

Real life experience

When consumers shop for accessories or motorbikes online, apprehension of getting a product delivered that is not what they expected prevents them from ordering it. Yamaha wanted to solve this by providing a digital product experience that is engaging and easy to use with realistic 3D visualizations.

The idea

Configuring a motorcycle to personal perfection has traditionally been a challenge, without the full visualization of possible configurations or available accessories. After researching existing configurators, we realized most are distracting and not at all relevant to the tangible bike customization experience. We suggested to build a 3D bike configurator to provide a realistic product experience.

The process

To gather input, our modelers went to Italy to take over 5,000 photographs and measurements of Yamaha’s latest bikes. We converted those into digital master assets and began to design the app. We put together a style board of classical sports bikes, scenes and fonts that were then woven throughout the environment bringing the retro feel of Sport Heritage to life.
We created high polygon count, 3D visuals to deliver the highest possible quality. The images look sharp on high-end phones and tablets but low-end devices could not handle the data quick enough to run smoothly. Eventually we found the ultimate balance between our commitment to high quality visuals and to deliver a configurator that runs smoothly on a wide array of devices.

Yamaha My Garage

We built Yamaha My Garage – an iOS and Android app that provides an interactive 3D bike configurator with photorealistic CG bike assets and a simple, yet powerful user interface. Bike enthusiasts can configure their motorcycles to personal perfection and view the bike and all accessory options in detail from every angle and zoom level. They can create the perfect picture of their dream bike with customizable lighting angles and filters. Pictures are easily shared on social media or with a nearby Yamaha dealer for ordering it.
The app was well received by people around the world. Yamaha My Garage received an FWA-award. It is rated 4.9 stars (out of 5) on the App Store and 4.5 on Google Play.