Visualizing Light

Collaboration with light designers

Capturing and mirroring light, with all its subtleties, nuances and surprises is a virtually impossible task for photographers. Together with the Philips Lighting team, we’ve been working to reproduce light exactly how their light designers intend it to be perceived. By recreating photometrically accurate 3D renderings of entire scenes, we can accurately recreate how light pervades spaces and interacts in combination with other light sources.

Transforming how Philips approach sales

To demonstrate light, sales teams would have traditionally extended an invitation to visit their showrooms – implying time and travel. Philips asked for an easy-to-use, intuitive tool that brings the showroom to potential clients, instead of the other way around. By applying the photorealistic renderings within our virtual reality framework, customers can now experience virtual walk-throughs and latest lighting designs from anywhere in the world.

Note: The UI in this video is not the final design and has been added for demonstration purposes only. 

A long-term modular solution

With new products and lighting systems being introduced all the time, the importance of having an expandable VR tool was key. So, we came up with a modular set-up that gives way for new solutions and environments to be added in future. The overall result is an experience that Philips can transport across major markets, showcase at trade shows and events, and that creates a desire for the lighting design it presents. See the work featured in Luminous International Lighting Magazine.