Showcasing Innovation

Putting patients first

Nanotechnology is the science carried out at nanometer scale, the kind of scale that is invisible to any human eye. Orfit discovered that this technology can make a difference in the field of radiation therapy. Patients are often required to stay still for long periods of time during treatment, so Orfit introduced Nanor, an immobilization mask that provides comfort as well as stability.

Vizualizing the invisible 

The Nanor mask is weaved out of millions of particles, which allows it to adapt to a patients facial contours. Orfit use still images of the mask in context to demonstrate how it’s worn, but images can fall short when trying to visualize the science behind their mask. We created exploded view animations to expand on their product visuals and to highlight the uniqueness of the materials which make up Nanor at this nanometer scale.

Engaging new audiences

We created a series of high-quality animations that present and explain Orfit’s technology. These live on Nanor’s landing page and can be shown at exhibitions. Features like precision, comfort and reproducibility are clearly demonstrated and make Nanor something medical professionals will want to talk about.