Bringing Showrooms to Fans

Past & present legends

The unveiling of Honda’s Africa Twin happened back in mid 2015, marking the return of a legend twelve years after it went out of production. Some motorcycles encapsulate perfectly what an adventure bike is all about — the Africa Twin is one of them. And the latest tourer inherits what made it’s Dakar-winning forefather the perfect partner to explore with, like its go-anywhere capability and genuine touring comfort.

Bridging a sales gap

It’s fair to say that the relaunch was one of the most widely anticipated adventure bikes in years. Honda estimated a three-month lag between their announcement of the Africa Twin’s return and the point at which bikes would be available in dealerships worldwide. For the interim, they needed a tool to keep customers connected and that could start them on their purchase journey.

Immersive AR experience

We built Honda a markerless Augmented Reality App to introduce the new Africa Twin to fans months before the bikes hit the market. Users can play around with integrating the bike into any environment, and configuring their personal preferences. Elements like custom shaders and smart reflections is what set the App apart, capturing tiny surface and lighting details that deliver the highest quality experience.

Standing the test of time

When the App so quickly surpassed it’s download expectation, Honda asked us to extend it to include more of their motorcycles. The App is now home to a range of models, colors and accessories and continues to be seamlessly updated as new options become available. From an important tool for launch, the App has now become the broader: Honda Motorcycles Experience App.