Pod reveal event

Future of transportation

After finishing second in the initial global Hyperloop competition, the Delft Hyperloop team organized an event in June 2016 to reveal their pod design to the media. INDG partnered with the team was to create animations and interactive content that guided event attendees and the general public through their pod design. The Hyperloop is a futuristic transportation system conceived by Elon Musk and SpaceX to lower energy usage and reduce travel times over large distances.

Stunning visuals

INDG created visuals and exploded view animations for the team’s presentation to the media at their pod reveal event. This helped to accurately show the mechanisms behind the design through effective visualizations, helping to explain the complex technology. The visuals were used throughout the team’s presentation to the media, supporting Team Captain Tim Houter and CTO Mars Geuze to guide attendees through their presentation.

Interactive journey

To bring the Hyperloop to all devices and browsers we created a rich interactive web experience using our PEX Player. Using the visuals and animations from the presentation we created an interactive landing page where users can learn more about the unique technology used in the design of the Delft Hyperloop pod with a swipe of the screen. Try the full experience.

Immersive experience

Built in collaboration with the Delft Hyperloop team for the pod reveal ceremony, INDG created a VR app that allows users to explore the pod’s technology by triggering an exploded view. This is a journey floating through space navigating between different sections and details of the pod’s engineering, stopping to dive into the mechanisms that enable the pod to work. The technological exploration is guided by a narrator, and Amp.Amsterdam created ambient and interactive sound to enhance the complete experience.

The main event

The day itself was a huge success with the team’s partners, friends, family as well as Dutch Minister Henk Kamp crowding under a large tent for the main presentation. Once the pod had been revealed, Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands was brought on stage to say a few words and try out the virtual reality experience. Attendees were then offered the chance to try It for themselves with several VR headsets being passed around.