Re-imagining Customer Experience

The future of creation

Adidas is radically transforming customer experience with their SpeedFactory in Germany and more recently Atlanta, both of which use machine learning and data-driven design. The idea is in the name — it’s about speed and with adidas’ experimentation of sustainable materials as well as its zero stock and local production, the brand even gets brownie points in terms of eco-innovation.

CGI over photography

As traditional product photography cycles eclipse the manufacturing of SpeedFactory sneakers, that’s where CG finds its sweet spot. The beauty being that, with CG, you can visualize a product before it’s made. And by working with partners and experts in texture creation, like Vizoo, we’re able to achieve photorealistic results in no time.

Design freedom

Where design time became constrained by faster creation cycles, CG helps adidas push production until the last moment to allow for deeper individual customisation. The future of creation is here and we’re continually exploring how CG can be applied in richer contexts and used to open up the world in terms of content and customization. Visit SpeedFactory here.