The future of customization

Empowering creativity

Not everyone would call themselves a designer and yet when it comes to personalizing say, a new pair of adidas, most people love creating something unique. This enjoyment quickly fades with traditional configurators, which can be hard to navigate and often require long customer journeys to reach a shoe users want to wear. We helped adidas re-imagine customer experiences and visualize curated customization tools that give users control and confidence.

An intelligent pallet 

This is where a new vision, like our color wheel for adidas, comes in – a tool that empowers users with a quick-to-use, intuitive interface that knows colors. Users have total freedom in the number of colors they can select and the moment one is adjusted, smart recommendations on color combinations seamlessly guide users to the best results. As production techniques enhance, colors can be made limitless for even smarter combinations.

Creating unique stories

Artist collaborations with brands are a big thing. We helped adidas bring collaboration to customization so that their customers can co-create with favorite artists. Using real-time renderings, users can choose an artist’s specially designed pattern and apply it directly to the shoe. Specific user input like pressure, direction and speed all contribute to creating truly unique designs. With ever extending patterns and artists, the opportunities to create shoes that users want to wear are endless.

One step further

As users become proud creators, we visualized a platform to showcase the best of custom shoe design. The idea is to promote designs with personal product pages that stimulate designers to keep designing. The boundless nature of customization is what makes it the perfect partner for computer generated imagery, which is opening up the world in terms of content and design freedom. Read more on our thoughts around the future of customization here.