About us

The INDG team are looking for a 3D Developer to join us at our Amsterdam office. Over the last 20 years, INDG has been producing stills, animations, sites, apps, AR and VR experiences. What brings these things together is two points: first, mostly we create everything as computer generated imagery (CGI); second, highlighting and promoting physical products is what drives us.
Bikes, sneakers, juicers, shavers, beer, vacuums — our mission is to make every product playable. Companies like Yamaha, adidas, Electrolux, Honda and Ralph Lauren come to INDG not just for beautiful renders, but because of our love of products, materials and industrial design.

About Grip

Grip is web-based software that automatically generates visual content. It’s based on photorealistic 3D, capitalizing on INDG’s twenty-year-long experience in that field.
One can imagine that Grip is rather complex: it needs to render things quickly and photo-realistically, which presupposes some heavy engineering. But it’s not just that. Companies like Nivea or L’Oréal produce thousands of products and images in tens of countries. The relations between everyone have to be managed within Grip. Who sees which images? Who’s eligible to call shots on creative aspects of what is being produced? Which countries should access which 3D products? It is a sophisticated system and so it needs sophisticated software development.

About the role

You are a developer that breathes 3D through and through, with a great understanding of writing rendering engines and dealing with all the associated 3D math. Within Grip you would be responsible for working on and extending the core 3D rendering capabilities built in the software. This requires both building the algorithms for our proprietary compositing-based real-time photorealistic render-engine, as well as the high-end backend render-service, and the asset-pipeline to get 3D content ready to be used with this renderer. Ideally you also have a good intuition of how to handle user-interaction with 3D scenes, and can help make the software easy and fun to use, while still being incredibly powerful. You would join a team of skilled developers that have built Grip into a SaaS software platform with many global brands as client.


Experience with writing 2D and 3D render-engines, in particular shader-code, ray-marching, intrinsic decomposition and pixel-based composition.
Other related areas are: reconstructing noisy data (mp4-artifacting), data-encoding (mp4, jpeg, etc.), color-space (linear, srgb, hsb, lab, etc.), calculations of surfaces and light-paths (normals, refraction, mip-map-bias, roughness/refraction).
Need to have a strong knowledge of lighting math (light-paths, shadows, refraction & reflection, etc.).
Languages: GLSL/WebGL/TypeScript/JS

Experience with 3DSMax is a bonus, but at least in-depth knowledge of rendering pipelines & farm-management, composition (photoshop is a bonus), and developing software/automation for this.
Understanding of the Vray framebuffer and its components and how to dynamically combine these based on external inputs (artwork/label of a product, settings such as shadow/gradient/refraction from our viewer software). Develop (R&D) new compositing-based pipelines to achieve new features.
Languages: C#/.net/Vray/Max/RenderPal
Experience with 3D engines and 3D world/space navigation.
Need to work on manipulating and navigating a 3D space with multiple objects in a super-easy-intuitive way. Focus on the interaction, things like 3D grippers, setting up cameras/views, snapping in 3D to grid/AI-based-plane-detection.
Languages: WebGL/TypeScript/JS

What we offer

A competitive salary
An office space located in the heart of Amsterdam
Get fit schemes
Healthcare discount
Fruit, snacks, coffee, beer provided (including vegan/vegetarian options)
4-day catered lunch scheme option to opt in or out
Friday socials beer and pizza, monthly’s and more