This week NPPA’s fixed the ceiling prices of 31 more drug

This week NPPA’s fixed the ceiling prices of 31 more drug

Swindoll on oikeassa, “kipin, joka sytytti uskonpuhdistus,” oli Sola Fide tai yksin uskosta. Uudistajia, mutta ei selittnyt heidn ehdoillaan samoin kuin Dr. Swindoll. Glenmark scored an important approval from US FDA for Olmesartan Medoxomil tablets or generic Benicar tablets. The approval is seen negative to Sun Pharma as Benicar franchisee is an important revenue driver for Sun Pharma in US market. This week NPPA’s fixed the ceiling prices of 31 more drug formulations taking the total number of drug formulations to 761 since April 2016..

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