James lived at the old homestead on the hill near Fallen

James lived at the old homestead on the hill near Fallen

Wolfe was born in 1892 or 1893 in Montenegro. He is reticent about his youth, but clearly was slim, fit and daring. Before World War I, he spied for the Austrian Empire, but had a change of heart when the war began. (There will be more on the website about the 1919 season in the months ahead.) But the Press Gazette built those games up as though the Packers were playing worthy opponents stockpiled with former college and high school stars. So Calhoun or whoever was writing the stories in 1919 was essentially selling snake oil football. But the Packers drew fans and survived.

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Was very angry [when they moved], because I was always an Oilers fan, always watching them, watching Warren Moon, Chris Chandler, Haywood Jeffires, Ray Childress I was a big fan of all those guys, Young said. When they left it was a heartbreaker for the city. A lot of people watched the Rockets and the Astros, but when football season hit, we were looking forward to the Oilers.

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