In 2002, renowned snow scientist Ian McCammon marked a

In 2002, renowned snow scientist Ian McCammon marked a

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canada goose black friday The workshop returned to Breckenridge after a 24 year absence, just as the first snow of the 2016 17 season fell on the Colorado high country, settling into the granular, rotting base layer that will destabilize and threaten the state snowpack until next spring.For the last decade, the workshop has pushed beyond hard science, adding the work of behavioral and psychological experts as an increasing number of accidents reveal knowledgeable and well prepared backcountry travelers often moving in large groups making poor decisions in avalanche terrain. Those accidents, including the 2012 Tunnel Creek avalanche that killed three and the 2013 Sheep Creek slide on Loveland Pass that killed five, have forced avalanche educators to pivot from the aspects of travel in avalanche terrain that can be controlled such as snow analysis, route selection and watching weather patterns toward hard to teach decision making skills.This year, the workshop attendees heard not just from European physicists, but also from neurologists, behavior scientists and psychologists as avalanche safety educators grapple with elevating often intuitive decision making as an essential skill for reducing backcountry risk. They consider it as important as assessing weather, terrain and weak layers in snowpack that could release mountainsides of moving snow.In 2002, renowned snow scientist Ian McCammon marked a watershed moment at the ISSW when he discussed his meticulous analysis of nearly 600 avalanche accidents that showed mental shortcuts simple rules of thumb, or heuristics used by everyone in everyday decisions often led to fatal errors in avalanche terrain.Helen H. canada goose black friday

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