“I would hope that the Iranian leaders would be more sensible

“I would hope that the Iranian leaders would be more sensible

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Cheap celine bag Sprague) at 1pm Replica Celine, and the second at The Downtown Library (906 W. Main) at 7pm. Both events are free admission.. While posing for photographs with Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister, Adel al Jubeir, a reporter asked the minister to respond to claims by Iran that Saudi Arabia was responsible for the recent deaths of more than 700 Muslims during the the haj pilgrimage at Mecca. “I believe that the Iranians should know better than to try to make play politics with a tragedy that has befallen people who were performing the most sacred religious duty, which is the pilgrimage,” al Jubeir said. “I would hope that the Iranian leaders would be more sensible and more thoughtful with regards to those who perished in this tragedy and wait until we see the results of the investigation.” Kerry then offered condolences to the families who lost loved ones in the stampede. Cheap celine bag

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